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The Faces of Colonial America

Public Domain artwork courtesy of:
Wikimedia Commons and

Fife and Drum audio files courtesy of:
The Community Audio pages at The Internet Archive
The World Turned Upside Down played by
the New York Regimentals Fife & Drum
Yankee Doodle Variations by Old Guard Fife & Drum Company

List of artwork in the presentation:
George Washington,
General and Commander in Chief of the Continental Army,
ca. 1787 - 1790 by James Peale

Henry Pelham (Boy with a Squirrel), 1765
John Singleton Copley

Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814)
American writer and propagandist of the American Revolution
painted by John Singleton Copley, c. 1763

Paul Revere, 1768-70 by John Singleton Copley

John and Dorothy (Quincy) Hancock
by John Singleton Copley, 1760s, 1770s

Samuel Adams, 1772
John Singleton Copley

Portrait of John and Elizabeth Lloyd Cadwalader
and their Daughter Anne, 1772
Charles Willson Peale
Mrs. Richard Skinner (Dorothy Wendell), 1772
John Singleton Copley

Portrait of Henrietta Maria Bordley at age 10, 1773
Charles Willson Peale

Thomas and Sarah (Morris) Mifflin
John Singleton Copley, 1773

detail from the Peale Family, 1771-73
Charles Willson Peale

Mrs. James Smith and Grandson, 1776
Charles Willson Peale

William Carpenter by Ralph Earl, 1779

The Marquis de Lafayette

Alexander Hamilton, c. 1780

Mrs. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton
portrait by Ralph Earl, 1787

Philip John Schuyler (1733- 1804)
from the miniature by John Trumbull

Captain John Paul Jones
the Continental Navy
Charles Willson Peale, 1781-84

Benjamin and Eleanor Ridgely Laming, 1788
Charles Willson Peale

David Rittenhouse, American Renaissance man, 1796
Charles Willson Peale

The Peaceable Kingdom, 1834
Edward Hicks

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