a novel by Juliet Waldron

A dark and sexy version of “My Fair Lady”

Nightingale by Juliet Waldron book cover

Count Maximilian discovers Klara in a Nightingale Cage, an
orphanage   for  the   abandoned  children  of  musicians.  He
educates her, fosters her remarkable vocal talent and initiates
her into the art of love, intending to create the perfect mistress.
The Count controls every aspect of Klara’s life, until Fate, in the
form of handsome Akos Almassy,  takes a hand.  The tall, dark
Magyar  violinist can  make  beautiful music and love potions,
too,  but  can  he  rescue  Klara  from  the  Count — and  live?

Praise for “Nightingale”

“Nightingale” captures both the glamour and corruption of Mozart’s Vienna, where the
pathway to fame on the operatic stage was not one that could be trodden in innocence.’

 ~ Sara B. Camilli, Reviewer

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