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A Master Passion

a novel by Juliet Waldron

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A MASTER PASSION  is the story of lives entwined, those of our brilliant first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler. In the beginning, a poor West Indian bastard comes to America to seek his fortune.

Like a fairy-tale hero, collegian Hamilton joins the American Revolution and is soon working with George Washington at Headquarters. Here he meets and wins in a whirl-wind courtship, an American princess, Elizabeth Schuyler.

But this is real life, and what happens next is the story of a fascinating marriage 18th Century style, shared by a great lady and a great genius. The backdrop to this intimate story is a heroic public one, for Hamilton was among the primary architects of these United States. Among the visionaries who dared to imagine these United States.

Book Reviews

“A thoroughly researched and engaging biographical fiction based on the lives of Alexander Hamilton and his devoted wife, Elizabeth Schuyler. Once again, Ms. Waldron illuminates both the joys and the trials of a strong woman married to an often-abstracted genius.”

~ Sara Camilli, Beta Reader.

Of all the dead old white dudes on the money, Hamilton is the one I can tell you the least about. He doesn’t seem to have captured people’s imagination the way other Founding Father have. Waldron’s book changes that, though; the rich and fascinating life of this poor-boy-turned-statesman is entertaining and vivid, never dry...

~ Jerika--Amazon Reader.

As she did in Mozart’s Wife, My Mozart, and (to a lesser extent) Roan Rose, Juliet Waldron has created another exquisite piece of biofic about an extraordinary man and the extraordinary woman in his life.

A Master Passion has as its central character a Founding Father and the man whose portrait graces the US ten dollar bill...  This book portrays him as a passionate flesh and blood man of deep principles with burning desires, and foibles to match...

~ Kathy Fischer-Brown, Author

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