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My Mozart

a novel by Juliet Waldron

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“My Mozart” Reviews

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Read the praise for Juliet Waldron’s novel

Waldron's talent for pulling the reader in and creating a time travel experience is a rare and precious gift.
    ~ Jennifer,  author & Amazon reviewer

My Mozart is about a talented young woman, whose lifelong passion for The Maestro brings her to the heights of ecstasy and the depths of sorrow.
    ~ Kathy-Fischer-Brown, author & Amazon reviewer

My Mozart was in first draft many years ago, and I was fortunate enough to have received a typed draft of it for review. I thoroughly enjoyed it at that time and read it in two nights. Recently, getting ready to move, I found the manuscript and re-read it, again losing two nights of sleep. The first time I read it, I read for enjoyment. This time I was taken with its skill.

This story is a steadily moving and compelling story of Nanina Gottlieb, a little known young student of Mozart, whose life was dominated by her love for her Master. I was impressed by the level of research the author obviously had done before writing about the erotically charged times and atmosphere of Vienna at the time of Mozart’s greatest success and succeeding fall from grace. The story is alive and sparkling with the sense of immediacy.

When writing about an obscure historical person about whom little is left on record, it takes an unusual sense and inner hearing to bring the character to light. The person of Nanina rings true and passionate and sweet. Her voice as narrator is real.

Being a tale of the music world of late 1700s Vienna, the story is rife with many characters, who also, amazing to me, rang fully individual and true, in spite of secondary roles. And, of course, there is Mozart himself, his genius, pain, passion, craziness and angst as he tries to hold life together after he has lost the favor of the court and high society. I look forward to reading the rest of this author’s stories.
    ~ Susan Hamill

The brilliance of the plot is that it is timeless ... Teenage fan falls in love, has a brief love affair with her idol, and is dropped (inevitably) by older man who didn’t really mean for things to go this far, but who is now alarmed that they have. But he’s Mozart, so creating music is all he really cares about. His human relationships are a means to an end. As she is a singer/dancer and a genuine musician, the music--his music--does magical things to heró
    ~ P.A. Martin, reader review on Amazon

Did this really happen? I was so convinced of this reality that I stopped reading several times to check out these people on the net. A more astute fan of Mozart or opera would have recognized the characters without looking them up; I had to know if the story was true. That's the most flattering suspension of disbelief a reader can offer the author.
    ~ K. Cochran, reader review on Amazon