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a novel by Juliet Waldron

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A dark and sexy version of “My Fair Lady”

Nightingale by Juliet Waldron book cover

Count Maximilian discovers Klara in a Nightingale Cage, an orphanage for the abandoned children of musicians. He educates her, fosters her remarkable vocal talent and initiates her into the art of love, intending to create the perfect mistress. The Count controls every aspect of Klara’s life, until Fate, in the form of handsome Akos Almassy, takes a hand. The tall, dark Magyar violinist can make beautiful music and love potions, too, but can he rescue Klara from the Count — and live?

Praise for “Nightingale”

“Nightingale” captures both the glamour and corruption of Mozart’s Vienna, where the pathway to fame on the operatic stage was not one that could be trodden in innocence.’

 ~ Sara B. Camilli, Reviewer

Waldron transports the reader into a past world, where this opulent era comes to life with a richness of detail that involves all the senses. Characters whether major or secondary are well-rounded and portrayed faults and all. (Even the “villain” has a few redeeming features.) “Nightingale” is a must read for anyone with a love for a good old-fashioned historical romance and a bit of wanderlust for time travel.

 ~ Kathy Fischer-Brown

I was drawn into this tale by the lush prose, descriptions of clothing, jewelry, and details of Klara’s performances. Tension is maintained throughout as Klara fights to be free of her gilded cage. Waldron obviously knows her stuff when it comes to music and pure desire.

 ~ Diane Lewis

Definitely a historical romance for those that like something a little more than a bodice ripper. I look forward to reading more of Juliet’s novels.

 ~ Andrea Guy

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