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Magic Colours

the fantasy series by Juliet Waldron

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Red Magic by Juliette Waldron book cover

Zauberkraft: Red

book one in the series

Red-headed Caterina von Velsen,    a tomboy and superb horsewoman, detests her older sister’s husband-to-be. Christoph von Hagen is handsome and brave, but he is also a Casanova, a man with a reputation that stretches from his mountain manor all the way to Vienna.

When Caterina’s older sister dies in a riding accident only a week before her wedding, Caterina is forced to take her place. She now belongs to a man she firmly believes to be “a cold-hearted rake.”

There proves to be magic in Christoph’s lonely mountain home, as well as in the locket Caterina’s aunt gave her long ago. Many misunderstandings and preconceptions hinder the arrival of true love, as well as the strange attraction she feels toward her husband’s magnetic, foreign born horse master. Set in 18th Century Germany, RED MAGIC tells the story of a young woman’s transition from rebellious girl to adored – and adoring – wife.

Book Reviews

Juliet Waldron is a master of intrigue, adventure, and romance as she transports her readers to strange, exotic lands. Red Magic kept me sitting on the edge of my seat . . .   Near the story's resolution--as the stakes get higher and the drama increases--I was swept away with unexpected plot twists and turns. This book definitely deserves 5-plus stars!
~  Sydell I. Voeller, author of “Sandcastles of Love” and “A House Divided.”

“Red Magic” is an adventurous story set in 18th-century Germany. I thoroughly enjoyed the horse whisperer aspect and watching Caterina grow from a child to a woman. A fast-paced plot that kept me turning the pages. Definitely recommended!
~  Kim Murphy, author of “The Dreaming: Walks Through Mist” and “Whispers Through Time.”

“Red Magic” is not your typical historical romance.   . . .the setting is quite different from anything I’ve read in the genre and it proved highly enjoyable, especially through the artistry of Juliet Waldron’s prose and unique voice.
~ Kathy Fischer-Brown, author of “Lord Esterleigh’s Daughter (The Serpent's Tooth: Book 1)” and “Winter Fire.”

Author Juliet Waldron transports the reader easily from this world to one set in 18th century Germany . . .   The . . . twists and turns of the plot take the reader on a fast-paced journey of adventures. The characters are fully drawn and the writing is strong. A wonderful read.
~ Ann Herrick, author of “Hey, Nobody's Perfect” and “The Real Me.”

Black Magic by Juliette Waldron book cover

Zauberkraft: Black

book two in the series

Disappointed in love, weary of war, Goran von Hagen retreats to his idyllic alpine estate. He does not know the dark and ancient secret of the looming mountain--or that it will change his life forever.

Book Reviews

Goron, an Austrian soldier returning from the Napoleonic Wars, arrives devastated at his family’s summer retreat in the mountains. His great love, Veronique, has rejected him and married a much older count. Goron’s home is neglected and he must take over the management, and solve the problems of his tenants. At a summer festival among the peasants, he is enticed to drink a potion which will change his life in shocking ways.

This novel is an absorbing shape-shifter fantasy, thick with atmosphere and engaging characters. Goron evolves from a despairing man, scarred by war and love, to the master of his own destiny and the protector of his people. An enthralling read.
4 of 5 stars
~ Diane Scott Lewis, Amazon reviews

The post-Napoleonic Wars period is an unusual era for a book. Perhaps that’s why this one appealed to me, that and a great sense of the countryside in which the story takes place. When the hero, Goran von Hagan, returns from the war as a battle-weary and embittered soldier, he learns that his sweetheart, Veronique has married someone else and that his home has been badly neglected. On Midsummers’ Night Eve the heart-sore Goran finds himself drawn to a large bonfire in a wooded clearing where men and women dance to the music of a drum and pipes. The people entice him to join them--eat their food and drink their beer--and to “raise the cup to the old bull to bring rain.” That’s when the trouble starts and, without giving away too much, the book isn’t called Black Magic for nothing. Waldron gives us likeable characters, such as Goran’s sisters Mina and Brigit, and mysterious ones, such as the enigmatic, Sabine, and an unanticipated, not-to-be-forgotten ending.
5 of 5 stars
~ Karla Stover, Amazon reviews

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