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Roan Rose

a novel by Juliet Waldron

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Further reading
Richard III and Anne Neville, period manuscript

Roan Rose took many years to write and a great deal of research. Some of this research began while I was in my teens, for my Ricardian interest started early, back in the fifties. Some of the rarer items were dug out of the State Library of PA or have recently become available on the ‘net or through the kindness of friends who were/are British members of The Richard III Society over the course of the last two decades.
A partial, informal bibliography follows:

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Of course, I’ve read plenty of Ricardian fiction, too. A very few of this outpouring are: Dickon by Majorie Bowen, We Speak No Treason by Rosemary Hawley Jarman, Sharon Kay Penman’s Sunne in Splendour, Meredith Whitford’s Treason, and the book which started it all for me, Josephine Tey’s classic mystery, The Daughter of Time.